The Story Of Mr. Biscuit

I started Mr. Biscuits hot sauce company in 2010 out of my one bedroom apartment. As a classically trained chef I have been making hot sauce for as long as I can remember. Trying out and learning about new peppers and sauces has always been a passion of mine. I spent my early twenties perfecting the various methods and techniques of making hot sauce. In that time I created several ​different variations, tweaking the recipe and adding new ingredients and spices depending on what was available and in season.  After many years of experimentation the recipe evolved into what it is today: A high heat, low vinegar sauce with a slow burn and awesome flavor. The heat comes from fresh local habaneros so there is no extract to give a bitter aftertaste. The low vinegar content allows you to taste the full flavor of the peppers. A touch of local organic fireweed honey and citrus fruits adds a delicate sweetness. Tomato, onion and garlic are added for consistency and to complement the natural heat of the peppers. 

After finding a market for the sauce and building an underground following of Mr Biscuit fanatics, I began making the sauce in larger quantities. The business quickly outgrew my small home kitchen. I now make the sauce in an FDA approved food processing facility in Seattle, WA. 

The well rounded flavor of the sauce makes it a versatile condiment to have in any kitchen. Try it on pizza, eggs, sandwiches, hotwings, bloody marys, anything that needs a little kick!